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Elium network: Be part of a network of believers in technology

Attract talented tech human capital with the knowledge about your technologies and your working culture

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Benefits of the Elium Network

Gain access to tech human capital
Advertise your job offers in our channels, have personal contact with the students and hire talent for your organization.
Co-create curricula
Your organization can work with Elium and the other companies in the network to co-create tailor-made technical and soft skill training for your company.
Overcome technical challenges
We will help you to see which companies in the market have your same needs and support you to create synergies.

The Elium Network

Elium Academy is a Benelux-based community changing the standards of the tech industry. We strive for excellence by bringing together and developing talent in the fields of software development, product manage, tech innovation, tech consulting, tech management, and tech entrepreneurship. Join today and be part of the future of tech.

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Join Free.

If you are a small enterprise with less than ten employees, you can join the Elium network for free. Your up-and-coming company will benefit from the co-creation of tech products, talent and programs that will help promote the industry.

Well-established companies

Large organizations can become a member of Elium’s cutting edge network today and access tailor-made training and a highly capabale pool of talent. Get in touch to find out more: [email protected] .

Some of the cool tech scaleups hiring our students


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